About This Blog-ger -rish.

Apparently you have reached this website either by following an old link to ghaoui.com or a new-ish stateless.me or sarcasm.me main one.
Here is what you need to know before you continue and waste your time .

Rule #1 : You must speak sarcasm 101 – minimum.

Rule #1 : You can count and you can use your common sense.


Q: What happened to the old content
A: I archived it, am not into this for hits and cpm/cpa on my personal websites and my technical help data was outdated and no longer useful.
Q: What if I still need an answer for an old question I had online
A: No, you don’t .. Whatever technical solution I had up here your system is OLD and VULNERABLE..¬† Throw it out, buy a new hardware and update your software.

Now what is this about – and what’s up with Stateless.me !

This blog has just became more personal, the short version is it is about me and trying to help people like me, not the professional version but the how I became one, and the stateless part is derived from the fact where I was born a stateless person and remained so for 40 years.
This is meant to help others overcome obstacles of race, politics with a dash of religious sarcasm, from the heart of Jerusalem РHaifa. A Palestinian- Non / Palestinian Lebanese Refugee  to US Residency and Citizenship.

The remainder of the website will be published as semi-private all is required is a simple registration to avoid spam, and hate speech, Publication of the articles will take place later on and might include various topics

  • Short stories from my life journey
  • Some programming hacks or tips (only if they are not common google searches)
  • Traveling and possible travel hacks
  • Tips and tricks from over 50 countries
  • Sarcasm wisdom <- > or just painful sarcasm
  • Politics in Lebanon – Palestine – Middle east and USA
  • Religious corruption stories and opinions
  • Dark, weird and kind of honest questionnaires and questions here and there.

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