Natural born traitors in Lebanon and Palestine


As I did preserve the original arabic text of the law, here is a brief
1 & 2: Ban set on any person or company, direct or indirect with people who live in Israel, relate to Israel by nationality or work for Israel directly or indirectly, includes all types of businesses.
Products, monies or any equivelant are not allowed either, whether it is Israeli in full or partially, been in Israel, passed through including re-shipped or re-exported that falls under P1.
(3-10 Years Prison Penalty for breaking that law) <<——-

The law goes on with more silly details, however the point to be made here is any company represented even in Israel is not allowed to be dealt with..

This did not however last, and gradually was overriden by only those in power, it did not stop boycotters from dealing with Boeing and Airbus, Facebook and other social medias, Apple and Samsung who all sell to Israel and have offices which according to the law is not really allowed.

The other two lines are in differnt law articles also ban
1: Anyone who sets foot in Israel, whatever was the reason
2: Lebanese are to be bound, in a business, act or even in writing any thing with a foreign relation that could expose Lebanon’s neutral position and could jeopradize its relationships with neighboring countries or even Lebanese monies or lives.

Mind you that hatred speech law, does not apply on people like Nasrallah who daily threatens and affect other Lebanese lives.

Understanding its value

The law, is not put there in my opinion by mistake, and it was not broad because who set it was illetirate but rather evil.
Having a law that (as everything judiciary there) makes you guilty til proven innocent.
Of course the law states otherwise too, but only if you are powerful to have that privilage.

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