Opinion :: How Do Israel & US support and fund terrorism by creating “Causes” in Palestine and Lebanon. (A notable example)


I am not a historian, nor a writer for that matter .. I try to look at things objectively, and I have questions.

Questions become their own answers sometimes, by asking the right ones, and sometimes by asking the exactly wrong question.

The image above is said to be from 1940s something, which translates to

“For Palestine” & Donate for Palestine and Lebanon .. for the Arabs.

This is not about who came into what land, this is not about who should have the land or who should not, simply put that is one question I have answered myself a long time ago, you are entitled to live where you are born, and must follow the law of the land, and if am being more visionary or dreamy for that matter, I wish there is a borderless earth.

This is about the creation and existence of “movements” and “revolutionary groups” and/or “resistance groups”.

For the length of the conflict, those groups existed and all has the same “objective”

“The reason of the group existence” ie: The conflict in this case aka Israel
“The Method” for that being negotiating or blowing things up (or blowing one’s up)
And “The Promise”, in each scenario the promise is a resolution with a fit happy ending to the crowd

Think of it this way, are you a comedy movie fan or an action movie fan ? We’ve got you !
We have got a “Group” that is to your liking “We hope”

So despite the similarity in story (just like a movie have an opening, a conflict climax and a hoped for ending) they both also have the same “Objective” .

FUND*That !

So who is funding them ? Why? – You think you got that figured out eh?
Ok why are their supposed enemies funding them too ? – Oh no just the NGOs ?
Did any of those NGO funds did ever reach a refugee or war-victim ?
Did these funds always found its way back to those “terrorist groups?” or NGOs ?

If you watch silly movies you would be like “Hey do not go there” “do not split up you idiots” .. “oh so now you will drive 50 miles because you forgot mobiles exist ?” “but he will buy drugs with the money you shmuck”

Show me the money !

What's your take ?