The Vatican Mecca and Jerusalem Suspend Customer Support


Apparently the religious reps have bad IT infrastructure.

For centuries the representatives of God’s will have siphoned our monies into their vaults… well to be honest when I say our, I dare say our speaking in general, personally they owe me nothing.
 I have never donated or supported religious faculties and thus I have never fell into that scam.

Anyway, let me elaborate for not long though on what’s been bugging me for all this time, and ill try to simplify it as much as possible,

The God we all yearn to believe in,, the all mighty just God, the All powerful the all wise.
Do you think he will assign this or that idiot or thief to ask for your money ?

OK, Let me spare you the,, they wanted to help the poor, they wanted to feed the hungry scam.
That was true the first time they said the lie, but they didn’t … why did you keep giving them your money ?

In short, who assigned few families or small governments over 3 small lands that rent the most amusing religious attractions and then lease it back to 3 billion religious fanatics…YOURSELVES .. and then you pay them to visit your God.

Guess what,..

The same God tells you in his holy books two things…

He the Al Mighty Listens, and he is Everywhere listening , and you do not need to pay money to go visit him….
And he listens for FREE…

And if you are an atheist, well let’s hope your finances are a bit wiser – help out your non-atheist friend as he/she might tell you,, you do not want to burn in their hell!

What's your take ?